Code Generation For C#, WPF, WCF, SQL SERVER/ORACLE/MYSQL and Visual Studio 2013-2019

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Integration

CodeTrigger is designed to integrate into your Enterprise Architect development environment. With one click on the 'Shoot' button, generate SQL Procedures/Packages, Data Layer classes, Business Domain classes, and WCF Interfaces, along with relevant sample code to get you started.

CodeTrigger delivers everything at the C#/SQL code level, so that you are not forced to ship vendor specific assemblies with your application.
No hidden code, bundled assemblies, referenced libraries. Just code.

To use CodeTrigger in your Enterprise Architect project, simply create your database schema as normal (by modelling in EA and then generating the DDL and running it against your chosen database, or by reverse engineering the schema/datamodel from an existing database - See EA help for details)

Then optionally create your project solution structure as normal using Visual Studio, which can include a data layer project, a business layer project, a WCF layer, a WPF or ASP.Net or Winforms front end.

[See the video tutorial on using the Codetrigger Plugin for Enterprise Architect to create a fully functioning sample asp.net application without writing a single line of code].

Importing your original or amended database schema from the underlying database into your Enterprise Architect model..

Next, tell CodeTrigger where those destination folders are on disk (using the CodeTrigger Output settings tab), select the entities you want to generate code for.

Click the 'Shoot' button on the CodeTrigger toolbar to generate the required code into your selected project directories.

Then run any SQL scripts generated into your preferred database (unless you selected 'Auto scripting' in which case CodeTrigger does it for you).
Now you can load the generated data layer and business layer classes back into Enterprise architect to update/synchronise your model. If also using Visual studio, you can now build and run your application!