Code Generation For C#, WPF, WCF, SQL SERVER/ORACLE/MYSQL and Visual Studio 2013-2019

C# Classes & Business Domain Models

Business Objects

CodeTrigger has an option to generate a business layer consisting of selected business objects that model relationships determined from the database schema. You have the option of including collection management for member objects. If you are building a multi-tier system, and also require a WCF layer, CodeTrigger will generate the attributes necessary to decorate the generated Business Objects, as well as the WCF service interfaces, service classes and configuration settings for WsHttpBinding.

Data Objects

Data Classes are generated to wrap your data operations and the calls to generated stored procedures. The generated data objects take advantage of .Net connection pooling, sharing connections and participating in SQL Transactions when operated on by the business objects, thus enabling you to commit succesful transactions or rollback back a set of uncommitted transactions in case of an error.