Code Generation For C#, WPF, WCF, SQL SERVER/ORACLE/MYSQL and Visual Studio 2013-2019

Generate SQL Packages, Stored Procedures, Scripts, or Inline SQL (Embedded)

CodeTrigger provides you with a choice of three options to generate your SQL. You can either generate it as
  • Inline (Embedded) SQL in your .cs code files (datalayer) (MS SQL & MYSQL only)
  • A SQL/PL-SQL script file which you can manually run/script into your destination database
  • Automatic - ie if you select the 'auto-script' option, CodeTrigger will create stored procedures or packages in your selected database for you
All the data operations required to support the generated Data Objects and Business Objects are included in the sql output, including INSERT, SELECT ONE, SELECT ALL, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT BY FOREIGN KEY/PRIMARY KEY etc.

Stored procedures and Packages/Procedures are generated according to the options selected in the configuration settings including Comments, Variable Prefixes, 'No Count' and your other choices of naming conventions.

Use the new 'Automatic database scripting' feature to script and edit your procedures directly into your SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL database,
or use the 'Inline SQL (Embedded)' option to generate embedded SQL code in your .CS datalayer classes.

Use multiple datasources in your project. For e.g. in one project you can have a SQL Server database, and an Oracle database, and a MySQL database, or more, all at the same time.
Generate code against all of your project datasources simultaneously!